Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.

Born and raised in the Kurgan Oblast area of the southern Ural mountains, Galima Galiullina quickly was recognized as an exceptional student. She taught herself several languages while a schoolgirl listening to radio broadcasts beamed into the then Soviet Union. After passing examinations she entered Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture becoming a student of the Library Faculty. Upon graduating at the top of her class she moved to the Moscow State Institute of Culture as postgraduate student earning a Masters degree in information science. Returning to Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture she lectured on information science and provided consulting service to the local business and academic communities. In 1989 she moved again to Moscow entering the doctoral program in Social Philosophy and researched freedom of information in post-totaliarn society.  She earned her doctoral degree in Social Philosophy in 1992 and returned to Chelyabinsk continuing her academic career and serving as an advisor to the Chelyabinsk regional government on matters of politics, education, and culture.  In 1994 she became the head of the Department of Social Research conducting studies on attitudes and values to inform government policy on domestic and regional issues.  Upon leaving the regional government in 1997 she continued her academic career at the Chelyabinsk State University as professor in the Department of World and Regional Economy. She published three books between 1998 and 2002 and produced a feature length documentary film in 2008 on economic cooperation between the south Ural region and Great Britain. She moved to the United States in 2009 and continues writing and advising clients on social, cultural, and geopolitical issues focused on Russian- American relations.     

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