​Red Square Memory

In the times of World War II, Red Square in Moscow was a place not just for parades and tourists as it is now, it was where Soviet Army soldiers set out marching to the front. This picture was recently taken at the Red Square. A young Kirgiz man carrying his grandmother, and realizing for her an old dream, to walk again at the square where her husband was marching. Many years ago now during the war this place was for her and millions of Soviet people a Symbol of Hope and Victory. So here is a letter of this old Lady, written by young Kirgiz writer, who saw this picture and decided to imagine the feelings of this couple.

My Dear Grandson!

In my dreams, I always saw the Red Square and walked on it again and again. After all, the Red Square used to be for your old people the personification of Hope and Victory. It's from there, right after the parade – our men of courage went to the front. From there we started our victorious march, when the fascist hordes were driven from East to West. And again, the Parade where we celebrated our glorious victory.

And I being just an ordinary toiler in the rear, with daily supplication and hard work, trying to bring victory nearer as I could.  And your grandfather – a Soviet man of courage at that time was breaking off the teeth of enemy multi-headed fire-breathing dragon. And we - the children of the Soviets, never were divided into different faiths and nations. We worked together and fought shoulder to shoulder. We were treating each other with warm words, and supported others with a kind heart. And we won.

And now I'm old and feeble, but you let me once again touch my dream. And here I am, with young legs of my grandson I measure again the Red Square, go over the old memories in my mind, remembering our glory and once again I am young in my heart.